Alpine Garden Farm

Bernerhof Gstaad: The hotel with its own mountain farm!

True gourmet pleasure depends not only on what is produced in the kitchen. But also on the produce that goes into the kitchen. That's why we grow part of our food ourselves - on our own alpine farm in the mountain hamlet of Abländschen.

The tiny hamlet of Abländschen, far away in the mountains, half an hour's drive from Gstaad - was threatened with depopulation. Farming was being abandoned. At Bernerhof Gstaad, we were stirred into action and created the "Prospectus Mons" foundation. Since then, fresh vegetables, delicious cheeses, and wonderful meat from free-roaming Duroc pigs are being produced in Abländschen.

Thanks to this project, farming in Abländschen has a new future. And we get wonderful, organically produced food for our hotel kitchens directly from our own "alpine farm garden". A perfect win-win situation...

For you as Bernerhof guests as well: Not only will your palate rejoice at the authenticity and quality of these products. You will also enjoy the very good feeling of knowing that the delicious food on your plate is the result of a very good cause. Pleasure for the palate and pleasure for the soul in one. 

In Short

Vegetables, cheese, and meat from our own mountain farm.

With our foundation "Prospectus Mons" we have helped to stop the agricultural exodus in the small hamlet of Abländschen.

The result is a win-win situation for everyone: the village, our hotel kitchens, and you as gourmets and Bernerhof guests.

Food as authentic and natural as the place where it grows!

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