Peaceful Haven

Uniquely Bernerhof: two hotels for one price!

Another special feature of Bernerhof Gstaad: If you long for even more peace and quiet during your stay with us, you can simply exchange your room in Gstaad for a room at our small mountain hotel «Zur Sau» in the remote hamlet of Abländschen. For one day or for several days. You decide. 

Sitting on the terrace of the mountain hotel "Zur Sau" you will hear nothing. Not a thing. Not because you've suddenly become hard of hearing. But simply because there is nothing to hear. Except peace and quiet and the stillness of the mountains.

Our small outpost, the comfortably charming mountain hotel «Zur Sau» lies at the very end of the valley, in the tiny hamlet of Abländschen. It's unpretentious, yet tastefully cozy and culinarily ambitious – and the perfect place to leave everyday hustle and bustle complety behind without forgoing the pleasures of the palate. 

As Bernerhof guests, this peaceful haven at the back of beyond is at your disposal. You can move there at anytime (subject to availability) during your stay in Gstaad – for one day or even for several days. We will transfer you and your luggage. You can book this «Change of Scenery»-package in advance (see below) or spontaneously during your Bernerhof stay.


In Short

The hamlet of Abländschen: 40 cows, three farming families, a few houses, and our cozy, newly renovated mountain hotel "Zur Sau".

Plus lots of peace and quiet, surrounded by the silence of the mountains.

As Bernerhof guest, you can retreat to this peaceful haven. For one day or for several days.

We will transfer you and your luggage there and back again when you're ready. 

Recharge your batteries in the beautiful back of beyond:

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