Mountain Paradise

Your heart will lift with joy and happiness

Nothing makes the cares of everyday life disappear faster than the power and serenity of the mountains. Your heart will lift with joy and happiness when you find yourself in the middle of our beautiful mountain landscapes. 

Gstaad lies within one of the most beautiful and lovely mountain landscapes in Switzerland. When you know that as many cows as people are living here, you can imagine how peaceful and idyllic our region of «Saanenland» is.  

Let yourself be inspired by this idyllic scenery. Inspired maybe to just sit by one of our mountain lakes, quietly gazing over the still water, listening to the wind and the birds. Inspired to go hiking across flowering mountain pastures. Or to conquer the mountain trails on your bike. Whatever you choose to do, you're sure to unwind and enjoy yourself.

We also have an insider tip for gourmets: On your excursions through mountains and meadows, you will come across small alpine farmsteads. Some of them have a cheese dairy or even a mountain inn. It's always worth stopping for a bite, to enjoy authentic tastes that will stun your palate. Just ask us at the reception desk, and we will be happy to show you where these culinary mountain gems are located and how to get there! 

In Short

The mountain world around Gstaad is one of the most beautiful and scenic natural paradises in Switzerland.

We have 200 agricultural estates and 80 working mountain farms in this region. And we have as many cows as people living here: 7000.

That is why the region of Gstaad feels so idyllic and relaxing!

Does your heart lift at these sights?

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