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Our Pleasure Philosophy

Zero obligations - endless possibilities!

Everyday life is full of "Musts" and "Shoulds" and "Ought tos". That's why our pleasure philosophy is very simple:  When you're at Bernerhof Gstaad, you don't HAVE to do anything – but you MAY do anything you like. 

Because Gstaad and Hotel Bernerhof offer such an endless array of activities and possibilities, you will be sure to find just the right thing for you. After all, you don't come here just to get squeezed into yet another agenda – just like at home! With Bernerhof Gstaad, you decide! Tell us what you feel like doing or seeing, and we will give you our very best Gstaad insider tips.
Our objective? The biiig smile on your face at the end of a long day full of fun and enjoyment!

What's Your Pleasure?

Put yourself in the mood for indulgence right now and find out your type with our "Pleasure Finder" test.

It's a fun way to find out all that Gstaad and Bernerhof Hotel have to offer! 

What you can look forward to:

Gourmet Pleasures

In Gstaad, gourmets are truly in paradise: Gstaad is a hotspot for excellent and outstanding cuisine with more than 270 GaultMillau points in the village and its immediate vicinity. 

42 of those GaultMillau points have been awarded to the restaurants of Bernerhof Gstaad. That's just one of the reasons why the jury of Neue Zürcher Zeitung has chosen Bernerhof Gstaad as the #1 four-star gourmet hotel in Switzerland!


Blissful Moments

Hotel Bernerhof offers many beautiful places for our guests to «hang out» in. 

Chatting. Reading. Eating. Relaxing. Playing. Or just blissfully «being» in the present moment. 



Mountain Paradise

Your heart will lift with joy and happiness when you find yourself in the middle of our beautiful mountain landscapes. 

Nothing makes the stress and cares of everyday life disappear faster than the power and serenity of the mountains.


Feast Your Eyes

Total enjoyment includes all the senses. When the eyes can rest on beauty, the soul finds peace. Gstaad is the perfect place for this because it is one of the rare Swiss alpine destinations that has kept its traditional villagescape intact.

When you add the fact that the village center of Gstaad is car-free, you can imagine why your stay at the Bernerhof will be perfectly stress-free and peaceful.




Would you like to combine the pleasures of the palate with equally pleasurable hikes or walks in the mountains?  

Then you've come to the right place! At Bernerhof Gstaad, we know our region like the back of our hand and will show you the most beautiful trails.



Fun on Two Wheels

Your bike ride begins directly in front of the hotel. Pedal up mountain trails for a challenge. Stay in the valley and enjoy a leisurely ride through the meadows. Or go for distance and experience magnificent panorama views on scenic mountain passes. 

This is how you recharge your own batteries. For your e-bike's batteries, we offer an extensive charging system throughout the region.


Musical Pleasures

If classical music is your thing, you simply must come to «Gstaad Menuhin Festival» in the summer. This famous festival attracts classical music fans from all over the world. 

Bernerhof Gstaad is one of the hotels with the widest array of services and packages centered around the Gstaad Menuhin Festival. In addition, we organize bespoke events for our guests with festival musicians on our mountain alp Züneweid.


Alpine Charms

At 1616 meters above sea level Bernerhof Gstaad has its own lovely alpine cabin: Alp Züneweid offers not only a splendid panoramic view over magnificent mountain landscapes, but also lots of old-time romantic charm. 


Peaceful Retreat

If you long for even more peace and quiet, you can simply change your room at Bernerhof Gstaad for a room at our mountain hotel «Zur Sau», in the tiny and remote community of Abländschen. 

For one day or for several days. You decide. Thanks to the bus stop in front of the hotel, you can even go and explore the region without needing a car or shuttle. 


Alpine Garden

True gourmet pleasure depends not only on what is produced in the kitchen. But also on the produce that goes into the kitchen. 

That's why we grow part of our food ourselves – on our own alpine farm in the mountain village of Abländschen.


Your Fairstay at Bernerhof Gstaad

Enjoy Life's Pleasures - Sustainably

Perfect indulgence with a clear conscience:  We make sure of that with our sustainable hotel concept. Our certifications from "my climate", "ibex fairstay" and "swiss-tainable" show clearly that at Bernerhof Gstaad we don't just talk about sustainability - we live it. Let us show you that perfect indulgence and a careful use of resources can go hand in hand.  Let us take care of everything and enjoy all that life has to offer at Bernerhof Gstaad – sustainably. 


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