Pleasure and Sustainability in Harmony.

With the ibex fairstay gold seal of approval, you can be sure that we are acting sustainably at Hotel Bernerhof. This seal is only awarded to hotels that exercise their responsibility for sustainable action at an above-average level and who continuously improve their ecological, regional, social, managerial, and financial performance.


In the words of ibex fairstay: The hotels carrying our lable are "grandchild-suitable": they ensure that our children and grandchildren can still experience all that is beautiful around us.

For its comprehensive quality management efforts Hotel Bernerhof was also again awarded the QIII seal of the Swiss Tourism Federation's quality program. 

"The philosophy we live by has now officially been certified."

It was with pride and joy that those responsible at the Hotel Bernerhof Gstaad received the official "fairstay ibex" certificate.
Picture from left to right: Miriam Hunziker, Head of Quality Management, Thomas Frei, Owner and Brigitte Frei, Director.

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Bernerhof Gstaad
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Criteria for the sustainability label:

  1. Careful Use of Resources
    The careful use and handling of resources is very important to us. For this reason, we pay attention to ecological compatibility and opportunies for saving in regards to energy, water, waste, purchasing, furnishings, and the environment.
  2. Regional Anchoring
    Value added should whenever possible remain in the region to strengthen it. In this way, we create jobs, support traditions, reduce transport distances, and inspire people to discover and enjoy regional specialities.
  3. Social Balance
    Guests and employees should both feel welcome. We ensure conditions that are a good fit for everyone by taking guests' wishes into account, by providing fair and supportive working conditions for employees, by involving our suppliers, by living in harmony with the local population and by providing accessibility to anyone. 
  4. Quality of Management
    Sustainability must be consciously anchored on the management level. Our internal structures and processes are adapted accordingly as regards to staff management, internal organization, controlling, guest orientation, and innovation.
  5. Finances and Performance
    Only an economically healthy company can work sustainably and secure jobs. That is why we place great emphasis on profitability, performance, cost control, investments, risk management, as well as guest and employee satisfaction.

Join us in our common cause!

Together for climate protection and sustainability: careful use of resources to protect the environment is important to us. You can help and support us in this.

It's simple.

  1. When you stay with us, you can choose to contribute with an extra CHF 3 per night for sustainability and climate protection.
  2. We double your contribution and put the total amount into the Bernerhof's own myclimate "Cause We Care" sustainability fund.
  3. This fund is used to finance local sustainability and climate protection measures (e.g. we invest in the mountain village of Abländschen.) At the same time, the CO₂ emissions of your stay are offset through a myclimate carbon offset project.

"Together we achieve double effectiveness. For nature, the environment and the climate. Thank you very much!"

We cordially invite you to experience a CO₂ free stay at the Bernerhof for yourself: treat yourself to a few days or a weekend with magnificent mountain scenery, gourmet delights and an all-round good feeling!

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