A Feast for Your Eyes

Welcome to possibly the most beautiful village in the Swiss Alps!

Total enjoyment includes all the senses. When the eyes can gaze on beauty, the soul comes to rest. Gstaad is the perfect place for this because it is one of the rare Swiss alpine destinations that has kept its traditional village character intact. When you add the fact that Gstaad is car-free, you can imagine why your stay at Hotel Bernerhof will be perfectly stress-free and peaceful.

No need to be alarmed when you suddenly see cows being marched through the village. Sit back, relax and enjoy this unique moment! Because that's what Gstaad is all about – the combination of international guest resort and genuine mountain village life.

Wherever you look in Gstaad – your eyes will not be annoyed by any architectural eyesores. Gstaad has succeeded in preserving its harmonic village character, and all houses exude the typical Bernese Oberland chalet charm. Following the motto "In beauty lies strength and tranquility", this visual harmony will have its effect on your inner harmony.

Reinforced by the fact that – as mentioned – you may certainly encounter cows on your stroll through the village, but definitely no cars. Because the center of Gstaad is car-free. This makes for a peaceful atmosphere, letting you forget the hustle and bustle of home very quickly. Be it sitting comfortably in one of the many outdoor restaurants or enjoying a relaxed shopping tour through stores and boutiques – from the creative souvenir shop and delightful fine food paradises to the brand stores of many well-known fashion labels...

In whatever way you wish to enjoy your stay in Gstaad – one thing we can promise: Your soul will come to rest, and your eyes will feast on beauty ...


Titelfoto: Copyright Destination Gstaad / Fotograf: Yannick Romagnoli

In Short

Gstaad is located at 1050 meters above sea level in the beautiful Saanenland.

The car-free village is pleasantly quiet and cozy.  

Gstaad uniquely combines the status of a world-famous guest resort with the authentic character of a typical Bernese Oberland mountain village.

Idyllic views are waiting for you:

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