Alpine Charms

Uniquely Bernerhof: a mountain alp all to yourself!

At 1616 meters above sea level, we have set up our mountain alp for you, with its amazing panoramic view far across a magnificent mountain landscape. And with real old-time romantic charm: at Alp Züneweid, we cook on a wood fire and the toilet is located in the former goat barn. It does benefit from running water – a concession to the requirements of modern times. We also have electric light – provided by an electric generator when necessary.

Alp Züneweid is the ideal place to spend time alone, watching the clouds, listening to the cowbells – and enjoying a good cigar and a glass of fine wine, if you wish. It is also the ideal place for fabulous parties, undisturbed workshops and seminars, or intimate retreats.

Especially interesting for you as gourmet and connoisseur: We regularly invite our top chef friends from Switzerland to unique gourmet events to Alp Züneweid. No matter how many GaultMillau points or GuideMichelin stars they are decorated with – here, they all cook on the open fire.  The fire is their source and motivation. The results are unforgettable experiences, combining the traditional simplicity of the mountains with perfect culinary highlights. Every such event is a feast for all the senses!

Whether you want to enjoy our mountain alp all by yourself, with friends, or if you want to participate in a unique gourmet event:  Our Alp Züneweid is quite unique in Switzerland.  A call or a short mail to our reception desk is enough for you to also enjoy this exceptional experience!

In Short

Only at Bernerhof Gstaad: our own mountain alp.  

At 1616 meters above sea level, with an amazing panoramic view extending far across the magnificent mountain landscape.

The perfect place to be alone or with friends.
Or to discover new pleasures and new friends at exceptional gourmet events.

Can you feel your gourmet heart beating faster?

Sounds good?
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