Musical Pleasures

Gstaad Menuhin-Festival: A Must for Fans of Classical Music!

If classical music is your thing, you simply must come to «Gstaad Menuhin Festival». Classical music fans from all over the world travel to Gstaad for it every year.
Bernerhof Gstaad is one of the hotels with the widest array of services and packages centered around this legendary festival. In addition, we organize bespoke events for our guests with festival musicians on our mountain alp Züneweid.

We remember with great pleasure the occasion when we were privileged to welcome Yehudi Menuhin to an event at Bernerhof Gstaad. This visit of the great Maestro was an hommage to the long association of Bernerhof Gstaad with the Menuhin Festival.

Gstaad Menuhin Festival is indeed an important milestone in our annual agenda and our guests benefit from a wide variety of special packages and services centered around the concerts in the festival tent, Saanen church, and the Gstaad chapel. 

The events on our mountain alp Züneweid, when festival musicians meet for small sessions, are also very special. The combination of classical music and idyllic mountain scenery is unique – and exclusive for guests of Bernerhof Gstaad!

Each Festival Package includes our Bernerhof Menuhin Concert Service:
    •    Dinner at Bernerhof Gstaad before and after the concert - just as you wish
    •    1st category concert tickets
    •    Transfer to and from all regional concerts 

In Short

Gstaad Menuhin Festival is one of the world's most important annual highlights of classical music.

The combination of the best in classical music, played against a magnificent mountain backdrop, is absolutely unique.

Bernerhof Gstaad offers exclusive special offers and services for Gstaad Menuhin Festival. 

And we organize, exclusively for our guests, live events with festival musicians on our own mountain alp.

This makes classical music hearts beat faster...