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Poke. Bellavista. Basta.

From July to the end of September, Basta by Dalsass becomes a pop-up restaurant called "Poke. Bellavista. Basta."

Poké is a Hawaiian dish and means «to cut into pieces». The dish was created on the high seas when the fishermen wanted to nourish themselves quickly and efficiently during their hard work. They cut the raw, freshly caught fish into pieces and ate it with other ingredients they had on board, such as rice, seaweed or island fruits. Poké is healthy, nutritious, light and digestible.

Together with Poké we serve the extraordinary Franciacorta Bellavista. This Franciacorta was just awarded the highest score of «3 glasses» by Gambero Rosso for the first time. It is no exaggeration to call Bellavista the best Franciacorta, as good as any champagne.

Of course we also offer other beverages. For example our various, selected gins with tonic, beer of the Bernese brewery Felsenau and wines, which may also be ordered by the glass.

Wine list

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