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At Pizza.Basta. even the most traditional classics will have a special note of passion and love, a unique Bernerhof note.  

For an aperitif we offer delicious drinks such as Negroni or a fine selection of Gin & Tonics as well as various Vermouths – accompanied by small delicacies like crispy bruschette or flavorful olives.

Our pizza dough is made with flour from the Dittligmühle in Gantrisch and set aside for at least 36 hours so that each pizza comes perfectly crispy from our «Izzo» oven. From our selection of pizze we especially recommend our Apulian specialty, the «Puccia Bernerhof». We also offer crunchy salads, homemade salami, and various sweet «delizie» for dessert like homemade Tiramisu and Cassata Siciliana. And of course our popular iced coffee «Basta»!

We are looking forward to your visit at Pizza.Basta!

Giuseppe di Bella, Maître


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Open: 12:00 - 14:30 & 17:00 - 22:00 pm

Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 February
Tuesday 14 February closed
Tuesday 21 February closed

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