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Spring in Gstaad: A Time of Awakening

Beautiful for the eye, relaxing for the mind.

Crocuses and snowbells announce spring in the region of Gstaad. Various kinds of gentian follow. Suddenly masses of white jonquils cover the meadows, globeflowers, marsh marigolds and the first anemones appear. The first migratory birds return and start nesting. The forests awaken, the meadows blossom, and the warmth of May touches the heart. Welcome back to life!

We have put together very special offers for you to enjoy spring in Gstaad. 
Let yourself be inspired by the selection below and choose your favorite.

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Hello Hikers!

Our spring hiking weeks offer unforgettably beautiful experiences.  

Fun Hiking Experiences 

How about roasting your own cervelat sausage over a campfire?

Our Spring Packages:

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