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66th edition of our traditional Menuhin Festival Gstaad focuses on Wien.


You might have noticed: The 2022 edition of Gstaad Menuhin Festival & Academy is subtitled “Vienna – Beethoven Delayed 2022”. To find out why and to learn a lot more about the upcoming Festival, read the introduction by our Artistic Director Christoph Müller:

"Beethoven was born in Zutphen, Holland, in 1772. We celebrate his 250th birthday in 2022. Gstaad Menuhin Festival & Academy is the only event worldwide celebrating the correct year of his birth. Excuse me? Fake news? Speculation about the year of Beethoven’s birth is as old as the hills." READ MORE

The Menuhin Festival is best experienced at the Bernerhof!

The Menuhin Festival is an unparalleled success story. This long tradition will be continued for the sixty-fifth time in the summer of 2021. With this year's theme "London", artistic director Christoph Müller is once again attracting many well-known musicians to Gstaad.

The personal favorites of Intendant Christoph Müller:

  • Opening weekend: Missa Solemnis with the Rias Kammerchor Berlin and the star of early music, René Jacobs: this will be a monumental performance, in authentic sound and gripping interpretation.
  • Entertaining and relaxed: the brass ensemble "Federspiel", Alpine music, reinterpreted
  • the "Philharmonix" - Viennese waltz bliss taken on the nod.
  • Symphonic highlights: The Gstaad Festival Orchestra, my heart's project, with Jaap van Zweden and the 4th Tchaikovsky!
  • Royal Philharmonic from London with the Beethoven Choral Fantasy
  • and some insider tips: The debut of German violinist Veronika Eberle (together with Sol Gabetta)
  • or the intoxicatingly playing accordionist Ksenja Sidorova.

The Bernerhof Gstaad Concert Service 

  • Enjoy part of your dinner before the concert and the rest afterwards at your leisure.
  • Let us chauffeur you to the concerts in the Saanenland - and of course back to the Bernerhof,

Find out more about the Gstaad Menuhin Festival and our offers here: Gstaad Menuhin Festival

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