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Gstaad Packages and Special Offers

Ever wonder why you're never bored at the Bernerhof (unless you really want to be)? 

Because we have packages, specials, and activities for all tastes and moods. How about a week of hiking in the mountains around Gstaad? Would you like to discover the herbs and flowers of the Swiss Alps on a guided tour? Or would you prefer to devote your stay
 to musical pleasures? 

How about a week of trail running or mountain biking over hill and dale? If you're more culinarily inclined you might enjoy a week of culinary discovery in the Bernerhof kitchen with our professional chefs? 

Or maybe you're just longing for some quiet downtime, spending each day just as you like, doing whatever you want to - even if it's nothing at all? At Hotel Bernerhof Gstaad it's all possible! 

Choose from our weekend or weekly specials - some of our offers may also be booked by the day.


Discouver our packages for each season in Gstaad: 

Winter   Spring

Summer   Fall

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