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Gstaad: come up, slow down - and enjoy!

"Last paradise in a crazy world"...
... those words were spoken by the legendary actress Julie Andrews. She said them about Gstaad, that special place with its charming mixture of world-renowned holiday destination, laid-back country village and exciting shopping promenade. At an altitude of 1050 meters, Gstaad is snuggled into lovely alpine landscape and surrounded by mountains - the perfect place for skiing, hiking, trail running, and mountain biking.

Gstaad, the heart of culinary pleasure in Switzerland 
Eighteen restaurants with altogether more than 270 GaultMillau points offer a unique and concentrated culinary experience within a very small area and in the center of a marvelous alpine world. Bernerhof alone offers four different restaurants, each with its own cuisind and altogether 28 GaultMillau points. And the Events of  "Saveurs Gstaad" make the hearst of all gourmets beat faster. 

For more about Gstaad, its history, and its unique ambiance use these links to the pages of Gstaad Saanenland Tourism: 



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