Hotel Bernerhof in Gstaad: The most wonderful place on earth

Of course, everybody could say that. But Gstaad really is the most wonderful place on earth.

Why? Well for one, besides about 7'000 people living in and around Gstaad, we also have 7'000 cows. In the spring and in the fall they love to take a stroll through the seemingly so very sophisticated Gstaad. They are as laid-back and just as headstrong as the people living here in the mountains of Gstaad. And just as genuine. 

Here, neither people nor cows are part of some tourism concept. They are unique, they are just themselves. Nothing more and nothing less. They make this lovely valley on the border to the charming French part of Switzerland authentic and nonchalant.

And in the middle of the car-free center of Gstaad, our guests enjoy the Hiking and Gourmet Hotel Bernerhof with its four restaurants. Our ambience is as easy and uncomplicated as we are: So you will experience exactly what everybody wished you at home: Wonderful holidays.

We are looking forward to welcoming you! 

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