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Homebase for Bikers in Gstaad.

The Thömus e-Mountainbike signs in front of the hotel show it already: Bernerhof Gstaad is the right place for bikers!

Not only does the mountainous region around Gstaad provide the perfect setting for all types of bikers. Hotel Bernerhof is also the perfect home base with an all-encompassing service for our biking guests!

Hotel Bernerhof Bike Service

  • Bernerhof is the perfect starting point for any tour, thanks to its central location in the middle of Gstaad, directly next to the train and bus station.
  • Our guests enjoy free use of our technically advanced and always perfectly maintained bikes and Thömus Lightrider e-bikes.
  • We offer a locked storage room for your bike.
  • A large room in our parking garage is at your disposal for bike cleaning and repairs.
  • Take advantage of our daily laundry service for your bike clothes.
  • Our in-house physical therapist offers wellbeing and recovery treatments. 
  • Relaxation and refreshment await in the wellness area with indoor pool, sauna, steam bath, and Kneipp basin.
  • Pack your lunch from our picnic buffet (May to end of October)

By the way:
Our physical therapist is none other than Gabriel Knop – an experienced sports therapist and osteopath who for five years was part of the advisory team of the Scott-Odlo mountain bike team around the multiple world champion and olympic winner Nino Schurter.

Let go and ride

Winter Biking in January

Bike Days with Gabriel Knop

Bike Weekend October

The Bernerhof Bike

There's almost nothing better than exploring the mountains on two wheels and to feel the cool wind in your hair going downhill. But it's a bit less nice to have to fight for every meter uphill groaning with effort and dripping with sweat.  

That's why we bought the best of the best in e-mountainbiking for our guests: Thömus Lightrider E1. With these marvelous bikes you can enjoy the bike trails around Gstaad with electronic assistance and playful ease. 

The bikes are made with a fully carbonized frame. They are extremely light-weight, nimble and maneuverable. Their 500Wh battery provides enough energy even for longer rides. Wide tires transfer power to the ground, they provide a maximum of traction going uphill and lots of control going downhill.

The Lightrider E1 is probably the best e-mountainbike in the world. And waiting for you at the hotel Bernerhof Gstaad! 

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