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A Unique Experience: Alp Züneweid

With our Alp Züneweid we can offer you a uniquely Swiss experience. 
This rustic alpine cottage is located at 1616 meters above sea level. It offers an indescribable panoramic view far into the mountains and valleys and lots of old-time charm. At Alp Züneweid we are cooking on a wood fire, the toilet has a charming heart-shaped window in its antique door and electric lighting is something for those modern folk in the city far away... 

Alp Züneweid is the ideal place to be by yourself, to watch the clouds, listen to the cowbells – and enjoy a fine cigar if you wish. But it is also the ideal place for fabulous parties or undisturbed retreats and seminars. 

Check out what our Alp has to offer: 

Country Love: A Whole Day all for Yourself

Outdoor Smoke for Cigar Lovers

Parties and Retreats away from it all 


May through November

and by arrangement

Terrace: up to 40 people 

Barn: up to 40 people

Parlor: up to 20 people 

Kitchen with fireplace

Outdoor toilet

Power generator

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